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Coronavirus Help

Let's get through this together!

Hi Guys, 

So many of you have been in touch with concerns about your weddings. This has been such a difficult time for Brides and Grooms  - I know how much time and effort has gone into planning your weddings, and my heart goes out to you! Its also a really stressful time for me and your other suppliers - our work is seasonal which means that most of us have worked very little over the winter and were gearing up for a busy Summer season to keep us going. For most of us this means that we will have worked hardly at all between October/November 2019 until August 2020 (hopefully). Tough times!!!! 

Hopefully though with some careful planning, patience and understanding we can make sure that your weddings are still the days that you dreamt about.  Please remember that no matter when, or how you have it - your big day will still be fabulous. Many of you are going ahead with your dates (with a few tweaks here and there) because you just can’t wait to be married! (Ahhh, I love the love) Others are holding out so they can have the big crazy bash they’ve been dreaming of! (I love the commitment to party hard) Both options are great. Please call or email me if you want to chat. As long as we work together on your plans there’s no reason why I still can’t be your wedding photographer. Check out some of the brilliant articles on one fab day for some great tips and advice on how to still have the wedding of your dreams. 

For those Brides and Grooms who have weddings booked before August 10th and have to postpone - I wanted to put some information up here to help you when it comes to rebooking and also some information on my policy when it comes to deposits so that you know where you stand! Here we go...

  • A lot of Fridays and Saturdays for 2021 are already booked up - particularly in the summer months so you may have trouble rebooking your suppliers for these dates. Why not consider mid-week and Sunday dates? You will be more likely to still use ALL your suppliers which means less work for you re-organising your big day :) Your day will be just as fabulous whether it is a Saturday or a Wednesday, and in years to come you'll look back and remember the amazing day and amazing memories you have and not what day of the week it was!!

  • If possible it is best to get 4-5 available dates from your venue. That way you can send these on to your suppliers and hopefully find a date that most people can do for you :) When you just send us one date it limits your chances of having all the people you wanted to work at your wedding.

  • If we work together on dates there is no reason why I still can't be your wedding photographer. To make things easy I will transfer the deposit for your original date to your new date with no extra charges. This will apply to ALL weddings originally booked with 2020 dates :)

  • In the case that I am already booked for your new date I am offering clients the option to have your wedding photos taken by a really great, experienced photographer who has a similar style and approach as me. I will then edit and do all the after work on your photos and album so that you still have fabulous photography and your pictures will still have my 'look'. Best of both :) Hopefully this will make your life easier knowing you don't have to spend days searching for a new photographer, and you will still have the look that you were after. Please contact me if you are interested and we can discuss options. 

  • Even though as stated at the time of booking, your deposit is non-refundable, in the case that I'm not available to shoot your new wedding date, I am offering a full refund of your deposit to weddings that have been forced to COMPLETELY cancel due to Government regulations. This currently applies to wedding dates between March 2020 and August 10th 2020. Due to the volume of cancellations and the nature of a booking fee/deposit, many photographers and suppliers are unable to issue refunds, but I'm trying my very best to accommodate as many of you guys as I can :)

  • As it stands currently, weddings after August 10th should be able to go ahead (possibly with a few tweaks, possibly no tweaks?) and I will be available to shoot any weddings that have been booked for after this date. Therefore, unfortunately I cannot offer refunds of deposits to clients who make the decision to reschedule their wedding after August 10th.  This policy is subject to change and I will keep it updated as per the official government guidelines. However I am more than happy to provide whatever you need to your wedding insurers where you can make a claim to cover your loss.  Also in the rare case that I am able to fill your date with a new booking I will happily refund your deposit. :) 

  • While I'm happy to hold provisional bookings for two dates as you wait to see how things progress, please bear in mind that I can't hold them indefinitely. That being said I'll try my best to accommodate you as best as I can. Communication is key - keep me in the loop and it should all be alright on the night ;)

Thats it for now guys. Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions or concerns. I want to work with you together to make sure that you still have a fabulous day. I've tried to be as fair as I possibly can, and I want to thank you so much for your understanding. Honestly, I think I have the best clients - you're a wonderful lot. Stay safe, stay at home and sending you lots of love,

Kirsty xx

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